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The program provides the associate graduates with the outcome standards in 5/8 of Vietnamese National Qualifications Framework and  occupational skills standands that meet the requirement of the international and regional integration.

The associate program is built on the standard of General Directorate of Vocational Education and Training with the reference of the other curricula in some countries which have developed the high-quality vocational training systems such as Japan, German, Singapore,etc. The program has been updated for each course in order to comply with the requirements of the technical and technological development in the real life.

There are 20 associate curricula in variety of areas such as Accounting, Finance - Banking, English Language, Fashion Design, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering,Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering,Labour Safety, Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Graphic Design, Beauty Art and Aesthetics Care, Hospitality Management, Marketing.

The program is the integration between theory and practice so that all the students can apply what they have learned into the practice during the time they get the knowledge. With the 40% of theorical knowledge and 60% of practical studies, the program can help students master vocational skills. In addition, the well- arranged dual training curriculum that students go to class and work at the company as the official staff plays a part for their practical trained occupational skills and their industrial working style.

Duration of education: 2  - 3 years

Intended program outcomes:

On completion of the program, students should be able to:

  • Have a relatively comprehensive understanding about theory and practice of specific trained  areas
  • Acquire necessary knowledge of politics, culture,society and law in order to meet the requirement of  social activities and work in the specific trained area.
  • Achieve computer science skills in the standard of Basic Information Technology Application
  • Achieve the language competence at 2/6 of Vietnamese Language Proficiency Framework
  • Gain necessary softskills, life skills, health improvement, team spirit establishment; do well at least one type of sport.
  • Be commited to having a wide range of recruitment - 98% of students can get job within one year of graduation.